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Our goal at The Confessionalist is to publish all the questions and secrets that emerge from human thought through carefully curated themes. We publish twice a year, once in the summer (submissions open around mid-July) and once in the winter (submissions open around late November). We create each issue by choosing a poem and taking our favorite line from it. Sometimes we just throw out a line and leave it open to interpretation and other times we ask our submitters to follow the questions posted on our submissions page as a guide for what we want to read and publish.

As our name suggests, we are especially inclined towards confessional poetry. We want your 3am poems written in the dark when the rest of the world is on pause. We want poems about survival, poems about a past life you never experienced but might have dreamt about, and poems about a future that feels bleak and distant. We want poems that confess to fear, loss, trauma, insecurities, pain, weakness, indecisiveness, or simply realizing that you were wrong after a heated argument with a loved one. We want poems about the things you can not and do not share with other people when you first meet them.


The Confessionalist is a one-person team created and managed by Heidi Miranda (no pronoun preference), a Mexican poet and literature student that struggles to find venues for their own confessional poetry. Heidi is active on Instagram where she can be found posting her favorite poems along with her own photography. Links to her published work can be found on her website. In her free time, Heidi enjoys learning languages, working on her photography skills, reading prose and poetry, and collecting stationary.

Skinny Cat is The Confessionalist’s co-editor. At the age of one, Skinny Cat has already begun to show her love and appreciation for poetry of all kinds. Her favorite poem so far is Cesare Pavese’s “The Cats Will Know.” When not occupied with the task of listening to poems, Skinny Cat enjoys playing with her toy mouse and hunting grasshoppers and wild snakes, as well as posing when she sees a camera.

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