[CLOSED] Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for Issue 4: I Was Tired, but Not at Heart

Deadline: July 30, 2021

  • Issue 4 was inspired by a line from Charlotte Brontë’s poem, “The Wood.”
  • For this issue we are asking for confessional poems about a time when you felt the most happy or free in your life. What was this experience, and how did it free you? How can you re-tell this experience so others understand why it was so freeing for you? Does adventure free you? Was there a trip you took that helped you feel free? Does meditation free you? Do you look for freedom or personal happiness by retreating into nature? Does spending time with a loved one or significant other free you? How does their presence act as an escape from all the bad in the world?
  • Our previous issues have explored the dark side of confessional poetry. With this issue, we want to present the happier/lighter side of confessional poetry. Send us poems that talk about small encounters, planned dates and outings, life changing events, and moments of healing where the good finally outweighed or even crushed the bad.

The Confessionalist accepts all forms of confessional poetry—that is poetry that feels conversational and vulnerable, like a shaky whisper or a diary entry. We especially enjoy reading submissions from LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disabled, international (we are based in the U.S.), and emerging or first time writers.

Previous contributors are also welcomed and encouraged to submit again, at any time.

Submitted poems must be unpublished, but those posted to personal social media are okay. We do accept reprints if the original journal okays it, or if it has been shut down/has disappeared from the internet. Simultaneous submissions are also welcome, but please send us an email if any of the pieces are accepted elsewhere before we get to them.

Email no more than five poems to confessionalistzine@gmail.com on a single Word or Docs file. Please include titles and line breaks in documents to help us distinguish where one piece ends and the next one begins. In the body of the email include a third person bio (80 words or less), and your social media handles so we can credit you. Anonymous submissions are welcome too, and it is up to the author to decide how they wish to be credited (pen name, initials, etc.).

*We don’t require cover letters! Editor can be addressed with any pronouns (she/he/they/etc), and trigger warnings/content warnings are not necessary.


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