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About The Confessionalist

Our goal at The Confessionalist is to publish all the secrets and questions that emerge from the human mind. We want 3am poems written when the rest of the world is on pause. We want poems about surviving, poems about a past life you never experienced but might have dreamt about, and poems about a future that feels bleak and distant. We want poems that confess to fear, loss, trauma, spectrums, insecurities, pain, weakness, indecisiveness, or simply realizing that you were wrong after a heated argument. We want poems about anything you don’t or can’t share with other people when you first meet them.

[SUBMISSIONS CLOSED] Submission Guidelines for Issue 3: My Mind Has Thunderstorms

Deadline: November 15

  • Issue 3 was inspired by a line from William Henry Davies’s poem “Thunderstorms.”
  • For this issue, poems about literal or metaphorical thunderstorms are welcome. Some questions that you might address in your poem(s) are: have you lived through a thunderstorm? What are some metaphorical interpretations of a thunderstorm? How do you overcome thunderstorms? Do you take shelter until everything gets better, or do you go out and face the storm? Has a thunderstorm ever left a mark on the land around you, or on your own life? Has a thunderstorm toppled important things over or destroyed something that was precious to you? Do you like the calm before the storm or do you prefer the aftermath? Can a storm be a metaphor for a personal crisis? Has a storm ever snuck up on you? What was it like?

We accept all forms of confessional poetry—that is poetry that feels conversational and vulnerable, like a shaky whisper or a diary entry. We especially enjoy reading submissions from LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, disabled, and emerging/beginning writers.

Previous contributors are welcome to submit again.

Poems must be unpublished, but those posted to personal social media are okay. Email no more than five poems to confessionalistzine@gmail.com on a single Word or Docs file. Please include titles and line breaks in documents to help us distinguish where one piece ends and the next one begins. In the body of the email include a third person bio (60 words or less) and your social media handles so we can credit you. Anonymous submissions are welcome, and the author will decide how they wish to be credited.

*We don’t require cover letters!


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